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The ABM campaign that increased pipeline by 267%

It’s always been important for companies to pivot when needed, but when the world changed in 2020, it forced many marketers to think fast, adapt, and change. ContinuumCloud had to quickly switch their position and offering in these—dare I say it—unprecedented times. 

MaryJane Craig, Vice President of Marketing at ContinuumCloud, talked to Randy about how they ramped up a digital-first strategy to move from in-person events (which historically provided 80-90% of their pipeline) to a digitally driven demand generation strategy. Thankfully Uberflip and 6sense had the levers for ContinuumCloud to pull when they needed to grow, scale, and change fast to get to where they needed to be. 

As we dive into the details, ContinuumCloud demonstrates how ABM doesn’t just have to be 1:1; it can be 1:few based on understanding the stage of the account. Content can be a solution for more than just the top funnel. 

How did they do it? 

To maximize their budget, ContinuumCloud targeted accounts with increasingly focused campaigns. The team couldn’t create true 1:1 messaging for each of their accounts, but they wanted it to feel 1:1 to the buyers. That’s where personalization at scale came in. 

ContinuumCloud took cues from prospects to understand what and how much content the accounts were engaging with. Building off of that helped them to create a tailored experience in Uberflip. They used sales streams and dynamic tags and included logos to make their marketing efforts scalable without losing that personalization.

ContinuumCloud wanted to recreate the handshake-at-a-conference experience to drive impact, so they leaned on Uberflip alongside their comprehensive tech stack to create an experience that made their customers feel like ContinuumCloud knew who they were.

What did the customer experience look like? 


ContinuumCloud has a well-defined market, so it made sense to take an account-based approach and get granular with their total addressable market. To help identify accounts that were actually in the market, they used 6sense; they also leveraged tools such as GuideStar and Candid for a broader view of account firmographic information and utilized Salesforce to expand within those accounts.


They kicked off with high-level awareness ads for those accounts at the top of the funnel and laid the groundwork for warm-up nurture through Pardot. Ads were served up through the 6sense network and Madison Logic content syndication. The CTAs routed to their Uberflip hub where they featured their most popular content to get accounts to start clicking around, creating Netflix-like consumption, and getting to know ContinuumCloud, leading them to activate an account.

The demand generation and ABM campaign that increased pipeline by 267%


With Uberflip being the endpoint, ContinuumCloud evolved the content being served up depending on the segment and audience. They created varied CTAs based on the top-level account segmentation model they used. The CTA served up would pull the different accounts into different layers of the funnel depending on their activity.

By combining first-party data from Pardot and third-party data from 6sense, ContimuumCloud prioritized accounts and routed the relevant ones to deeper funnel content destinations vs. the top of funnel experience, such as the featured introductory experience seen in the screenshot above.

It’s results time

ContinuumCloud has demonstrated how digital investment can be just as effective or, in this case, even more effective than a conference circuit.

When comparing the second half of last year to the first half of this year, they saw:

  • A 267% increase in pipeline
  • A 114.6% increase in sessions
  • A 99% increase in site visitors
  • A 57.1% increase in page views

What’s coming up next?

ContinuumCloud plans to use the foundation they’ve built to scale and grow sustainably. They’ve brought on a new enterprise product offering and plan on putting their tech to the test. 

They’ll be:

  • Tailoring their campaigns to product interest, personalizing at scale by using dynamic tags from 6sense, and dynamically populating hubs based on 6sense tags for top middle, and bottom of the funnel.
  • Launching new predictive modeling with the 6sense platform based on a new enterprise product-level offering.
  • Building new segmentation in Uberflip to score based on product type and route to the correct sales team based on tags and different streams that they can quickly stand up in Uberflip, segment activities, and guide prospects down the right journey.

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