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How GES engages thousands of event exhibitors a year with personalized content

"Uberflip makes creating engaging content easy. We are able to embed streams and quickly edit and update our content based on information we receive from customer surveys."

Christy Ricketts headshot Christy Ricketts VP, Marketing

Meet GES

GES (Global Experience Specialists) provides event planning, exhibition design, and logistics services to clients across various industries, including healthcare, technology, and entertainment. The company operates in more than 100 countries and is known for its innovative approach to experiential marketing and creating immersive brand experiences for attendees.


As a global marketing company, GES faces several challenges when it comes to managing communication with event planners and exhibitors. 

When working with event planners, GES needs their team to quickly locate and share resources about the various cities and venues their events can be held in. They also need to ensure their team is only sharing the most up-to-date information with event planners that accurately represents the services they provide. 

When working with event exhibitors, there's a long list of details that need to be shared and logistics that need to be managed. They needed a solution that would allow them to do this at scale with confidence and ease. 


Uberflip provides a central location for managing and organizing all event-related content, including exhibitor materials such as product brochures, videos, and images. By using Uberflip, GES can ensure that all exhibitor materials are up-to-date and easily accessible to exhibitors during the event.

After implementing Uberflip, the team at GES partnered with their IT and Exhibitor Services departments to create a stream of content (known as their “Exhibitor Resources”) that could be applied to all trade shows. The carefully crafted content in this stream gave them the ability to help answer questions about exhibiting or explain terms that attendees might not know.

Uberflip allows GES to personalize the content experience for exhibitors based on their interests and preferences. By analyzing exhibitor data and behavior, Uberflip can recommend relevant content that matches each exhibitor's needs and interests, making it easier for GES to deliver the right content to the right exhibitors.

GES gave their team all the right tools they needed to easily create personalized, relevant, and engaging experiences for every visitor. They were able to embed streams and quickly edit and update their content based on information provided from customers, either directly or through surveys. GES was also able to incorporate streams into their ordering website and embed videos through platforms like Wistia, thanks to Uberflip’s native integrations.

Using Uberflip, GES was able to acquire 25,000 unique visitors in the last year, with pre-show checklists, first-time exhibitor checklists, and  easy online ordering -as their top three resources. Using Uberflip  they created their very own “Show Organizers Clipboard” using the Resource Center as well,—where they were able to provide more than 10 high-value pieces of content for all vendors and trade shows. This page supported show organizers with specific and relevant content about the various exhibitions GES hosts.