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Uberflip's Give Back Initiative- 2019 Recap!

It seems like 2019 came and went so it’s hard to believe that we’re publishing this post in a brand new decade! In true Uberflip fashion, the year was filled with celebrations big and small, including expanding our Uberflip family with our acquisition of Boston based SnapApp!

As this isn’t the first post we’ve done like this, you probably know one of our core values at Uberflip is Give Back. Every year we commit to donate 1% of our revenue growth to charitable causes and initiatives. What makes this even more special, is that most of the suggestions for where we should donate are from our amazing group of Uberflippers! 

For 2019, this meant giving back over $30,000 to so many amazing organizations and causes!

The lovely humans from Challenge Accepted, an organization committed to providing Inclusion solutions for companies of all sizes, took over our all hands standup to facilitate a discussion about gender diversity in the workplace.

As part of our Women’s Day celebrations this year, we sponsored Women and Color, a Toronto based company that creates opportunities to advance and amplify subject matter experts from underrepresented groups in tech. Women and Color also offers 2-day speaker bootcamps, designed for diverse subject matter experts to kickstart their speaking career as a thought leader.

Our team put together gift boxes for The Shoebox Project to support homeless women in Canada and participated in the Sporting Life 10k for the second year in a row to support Camp Ooch!

'Give Back' Values Logo


We are familiar faces at Venture Out and if you’re keeping track, 2019 marked our THIRD year as being a sponsor of this amazing conference. If you don’t know, Venture out is a network of individuals, companies and community organizations. Together, we are building an LGBTQA+ tech and entrepreneurship community, with the goal of creating a more diverse & inclusive future.

We are constantly striving to make a positive environment in the workplace and make sure our team feels supported, encouraged and accepted at work so to support and be a part of this local initiative is a no brainer for us. Spoiler alert: We are sponsors again in 2020, see you there!

If you’ve been following the Uberflip journey, you know that SickKids is a constant fixture in our Give Back initiative. This year we were able to sponsor their (seriously epic) Bubble Hockey Tournament and, for the FIFTH year in a row, host our Startupong Tournament! As of 2019 Uberflip has donated OVER $135,000 to SickKids!

Startupong was extra special in 2019 because we hosted the festivities at Uberflip HQ! Even more exciting is that we hit our goal of raising $50,000 for the SickKids Foundation and brought together over 500+ people from the Toronto tech community for a night of fun, games, music, drinks, sunshine + ping pong! Startupong is a team effort and as this year was our biggest and best yet, it’s truly inspiring to see all of our Uberflippers rally to show their support and make every year better than the last!

This is by no means an exhaustive list of all the wonderful things our team supported this year, which shows how seriously we take our Give Back initiative. Can’t wait to see the crew crush it in 2020! 

Startupong 5th Annual Logo