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Uberflip + Toronto Strong


It's been an heart breaking and emotional week in Toronto. And although we've had a lot of really great news at Uberflip over that past few weeks, our hearts are broken for the attack that took place on Monday, April 23rd.

As a Toronto born company, we could not be more proud to reside in this city, one that we all love so dear. 

We hosted our 4th annual charity ping pong tournament Startupong on Wednesday night. At this event, our founders Randy Frisch and Yoav Schwartz held a moment of silence for the victims of this horrific attack. During this time we also announced that as part of our 1% Give Back initiative, we have donated $5,000 to the Toronto Strong Fund

We encourage anyone from the community to help in any way they can. We are keeping everyone affected in our thoughts, and know this tragedy will only make our community stronger.

The #TorontoStrong fund has now raised $1,581,730