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Uberflip Love!


LOVE is in the air here at Uberflip! 

But, let's be honest - there's always a lot of love around here. We're excited to share and spread the love this Valentine's Day (and everyday)

I'm writing this after setting up a surprise Ice cream Sundae Bar for everyone! It's the little things like this that we experience each day that make Uberflip so special. No matter when you walk through these doors, you will always experience a positive, hardworking, inclusive environment.

For me, I love the feeling of being in the Uberflip office. Everyone smiles at one another, is willing to help anyone and everyone, and people are excited to get to know their colleagues. We've created a place that is more than just an office or workplace. 

People always comment on the fact that everyone here is SO nice and that they received such a warm welcome when they visited the office. That is just a touch of what it's like here each day. Feeling thankful to work with such kind, inspiring people and had to gush about them today in honour of Valentine's Day.

Earlier this year, we sent a culture survey out to our staff. I added a spot for them to say a little something about our culture, and their reactions will warm your heart! Here's what some of our Uberflippers are saying about why they LOVE working at Uberflip:

"I've never worked somewhere before where I wake up everyday actually excited to go to work and be at the office. Work is challenging and busy at time, of course to be expected, but the culture that Uberflip promotes and lives by makes it SO much worth it"

"Uberflip culture is ALL about employee happiness. Everyone strives to do the best work they can do, but it's extremely rewarding when company culture not only brings employees together, but the whole community!"

"My favourite thing is that everyone at Uberflip cares. Whether it's a manager, exec or a coworker, you always have someone to discuss both difficult and happy situations with. I've met some of the best, most intelligent, and most caring people here in the last 6 months!"

"Your ideas are heard, considered and even actioned. Culture makes it happen!"

"I love the fact that our Culture Specialist is so dedicated to making this place a better place to work. I love the fact that people genuinely want to participate in activities here. I love the fact that you can feel the culture as soon as you walk in the door and 30 people ask you if you want a drink or snack.I love that people smile"

"I love that we are constantly working together to improve our culture definition, how best to keep it in practice and how we share this internally and externally - Uberflippin' Culture Pride!"

"The culture at Uberflip is amazing! Our culture team is the epitome of "Good Vibes" and is always shaking things up and keeping things interesting.The culture at Uberflip is focused on working together, having fun and giving back, all of which make it a positive environment that is easy and enjoyable to work in."