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The Uberflipper's Journey featuring Kathryn Hajjar!



Meet Kathryn! A smart, kind, and hard-working Uberflipper for almost three years. Kathryn started at Uberflip working in Customer Success  as an Onboarding Specialist in August 2018.  She is now an Enterprise Account Executive, and has been able to see all the aspects of the customer experience and journey in her roles here.

We’re so lucky to have someone as amazing as Kathryn on our team. She truly knows what it means to L.U.V the customer and always goes above and beyond in her role. She creates great experiences every day not only with our customers but our entire team. Kathryn always takes the time to get to know new employees, nurture relationships and go the extra mile.

We hope you enjoy this video and learn more about the people who make our team so successful! Be sure to watch until the end to find out which of Kathryn’s fun facts are a lie!