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#LoveWhereYouWork - Meet Jamie from Customer Success!

Jamie is so great. She's always got a huge smile on her face and is a bringer of sunshine. She has been such a huge part of our culture and the culture on the Success team by bringing the team together, making sure everyone is included and welcome. I love the relationships she builds with our customers, a true testament to her positive attitude.

Tell me about your role at Uberflip?
Customer Success Manager! I talk to clients/customers, I talk about their marketing strategies, and make sure they are getting value from our platform and also making sure they're happy and answering any questions they may have about Uberflip!

What is your star sign?
I am a Cancer. This sign is all about home and I'm very close with my family and take comfort in home and family. Domestic and loves to nurture others. Emotional and sensitive, and she said she is very emotional and quite sensitive.

What is your favourite part about working at Uberflip?

I'd have to say 3 things!:

1) The culture makes coming into work very easy and fun and the great people make me excited to come into work every day and make me happy.

2) My team. The team I work with, we are like one big family on the Success team

3) Our customers. I love our customers and form personal relationships with them, my customers know how much I love to travel so when they go on vacation, they share their adventures and pictures with me!

Do you have any tips for someone looking to join the Uberflip team?

I think one of the things I like is that they don't hire just for your skills but also who you are, which creates a vast and diverse team but everyone gets along and it says a lot about who we are. Act like yourself because that is the best way to get involved with everything. I was worried when applying that I didn't have a background in tech, so be confident in your other skills and really show them what you can do.


What is your favourite part about the Uberflip office?

The food! And the crokinole game. She would say the gym but she's never actually gone in (lol, Jamie you are the best!) and terrarium making was really fun!


What is your favourite snack offered in the Uberflip kitchen?

Dill pickle popcorn (said without hesitation) #dillpickleforever


What emoji best describes you?

I like the purple devil, I use that all the time (but like in a fun way!) haha :)


If you could choose on song to really pump you up, what would it be?

Spirit in the sky! Tony plays it for me most mornings (#besties) and a super close second would be ABBA (this is not a coincidence! haha)


Working at Uberflip is...

FUN! We definitely have a work hard, play hard attitude! I learn something new every day!


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