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#LoveWhereYouWork - Meet Ann from Engineering!


Ann is so wonderful! I am really excited to share a bit about her and her role at Uberflip so far. When I think of Ann I think about her big smile that lights up the room, and I think everyone can agree that they get that every time they pass her in the Uberflip halls. She is quiet and chill, but filled with lots of love and good vibes.


I love learning new things about Uberflippers and I think everyone can agree that every opportunity we get to spend a bit of one on one time to get to know each other is really special. I especially liked this one because Ann very casually mentioned at the end that she is getting MARRIED this weekend (OMG! cue the confetti!) Here we go...


Tell me about your role at Uberflip?

I'm on the Engineering team, specifically the QA team. We test the backbone of our product, make sure nothing is broken and that there are no bugs. We make sure everything is working so that our customers are happy, which means we are happy too!


What is your star sign?



What about that sign feels true to you?

Oh! Cancer's have a hard shell on the outside, but are soft on the inside. It takes a while to get to know me. I am pretty introverted and don't talk too much unless people come to me, but once they do, I chat a lot and break out of my shell. Cancer's dislike strangers (but I mean, do people generally love strangers? haha!)


What is your favourite part about working at Uberflip?

I don't want to say the people because everyone says that, but to be honest it's a huge reason. Also, I love Max (Uberflip's office dog) I remember coming in for an interview and seeing him and I fell in love. I am always really excited when he's in the office.


Do you have any tips for someone looking to join the Uberflip team?

Be yourself! Be open. There is no need to lie or add extra stuff. Uberflip is open to having people join the team who have great qualities and characteristics. They are willing to teach you what you need to know and help you grow. Don't be afraid to just be yourself!

What is your favourite part about the Uberflip office?
There are so many things to mention! I mean, food for one thing. We will never go hungry in this place. I really love our weekly meetings/events like Stand Up and Fireside Friday. I also love all the little events and activities that happen on the regular. I may not always attend every one, but there are always so many options for great things to do here!

What is your favourite snack offered in the Uberflip kitchen?
I'm not a big snack person *gasp* but I do love the fruit bars. It sounds basic, but my favourite breakfast is yogurt and banana - that is my go to. Bagels take too long (haha, we totally agree Ann!)

What emoji best describes you?
I'd say the face palm one! I feel like I am always face palming myself because I ask silly questions and then when I hear the answer it's a face palm moment. That, or any of the cat emojis!

If you could choose one song to really pump you up, what would it be?
Tamil music in general is something I love. Also, Spotify top 100 lists, anything on the radio! Pop music is really good and I love it. I am not too picky when it comes to music! Love a good curated pop playlist.

Working at Uberflip is...
The bomb! The best thing that has happened to me career wise. Working here makes me think outside the box. I am always eager to learn and see how I can grow with Uberflip. It's been a really positive and eye opening experience. Sometimes when you work at a company that doesn't push you, you get into a routine and just go in and do your 9-5pm job. Working at Uberflip makes me want to be a better person and grow within the organization. It's overall just a really great vibe!

Want to learn, grow and experience great vibes every day with Ann? Check out our job board!