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#LoveWhereYouWork - Meet Alana from Marketing!

Alana is SO wonderful! She brings such joy and great energy into the Uberflip office every single day through her role, and by just being herself. She is able to make such a positive impact on so many people on the regular. She is so passionate about our amazing customers and making them feel valued, and you can feel the love and good energy she embodies here with her colleagues too. Working with Alana is such a treat and I know you'll agree after reading more about her below!:


Tell me about your role at Uberflip?

I am a customer marketer! I basically get to talk to happy customers all the time and hear all the amazing things they are doing with Uberflip! I get to write stories about them, implement advocacy programs so they feel rewarded for everything they do for us. Our amazing customers do anything from speak at events, hop on calls with our prospects and anything in between. I get to make sure they are rewarded with gifts and praise!


What is your star sign?

Technically Aries but I am on the cusp between Aries and Pisces. 

Aries' are very extraverted and fun and love to be around people!

Pisces are a lot more sensitive and selfless and tend to care a lot about people. I think I am definitely somewhere in the middle. 

What about that sign feels true to you?
(Classic googlin' of info!) Aries are upbeat, magnetic, and tends to have others follow their lead and Pisces is empathetic and is always willing to help others and not get anything back (this is very Alana btw!) Pisces are adventurous and a bit impulsive too!

What is your favourite part about working at Uberflip?
I want to say people but I feel like its so cliché. (Seriously though, do we have the BEST team ever or what?) She genuinely thinks its the people that make it so special here though! We have created a really awesome team. Everyone here feels like a friend. A lot of the time I'd rather hangout with my co-workers than anyone else! I love all the activities we get to do which really helps bring us all together. I love that my job is always about talking to people that are happy. On top of that, I get to make people fall in love with Uberflip and gift them, and make them feel appreciated.

Do you have any tips for someone looking to join the Uberflip team?
Be yourself! Be authentic, be willing to be vulnerable because that is how you can really connect with people. Try to absorb everything this place has to offer. You get the full experience when you participate in all the great things we do, and get to meet new people and make friends!

What is your favourite part about the Uberflip office?
I love the snacks! Omg I am obsessed with that card game Anomia - where common knowledge becomes uncommonly fun - "It changed my life!" she said ;)

I like lounging in all the comfy places, and the fact that you can just sit on a couch, put your headphones on and get to chat with everyone as they walk by. Love the communal spaces where teams and Uberflippers can connect!

What is your favourite snack offered in the Uberflip kitchen?
Goldfish! And guac with rice crackers. Annnnd I love avocado! The fact that we have have avocado is incredible. But I have to say Goldfish is my all time favourite.

What emoji best describes you?

The best one that describes me is probably the smiley/blushy face and the blushy face with the hands that are kind of hugging

If you could choose one song that really pumps you up, what would it be?
Ok, the song that really empowers me (this sounds so weird) is...
Best Thing I Never Had by Beyonce. (she loves to blast it!)

Working at Uberflip is...
a dream. This place has exceeded all expectations, and somehow it doesn't feel like work because I never have a hard time waking up to come here.  It's filled with tons of amazing, selfless people. I am so proud to work here, and I hope everyone in their lifetime gets to experience the feeling of loving their work.

Want to work with the best customers ever, while eating goldfish, and being surrounded the most incredible humans? Good news! We're hiring - check out our open roles here