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#LoveWhereYouWork - Meet Tony from Customer Success!

Oh hello there! Julie Whish here! Uberflip's resident Happiness Officer. I am beyond excited to share with you a new series that I will be doing on our Culture Hub! This series is called #LoveWhereYouWork and each post will feature a different Uberflipper from our team!


I will be chatting with them and asking some questions about life at Uberflip, and basically just having an excuse to share more about our incredible staff! First up, we're chatting with Tony from our Customer Success Team! Tony is a big part of our culture and is known for spreading good vibes, making delicious drinks, and sharing his love of dogs in the office and on Instagram!


Tell me about your role at Uberflip:

My role at Uberflip is to work with enterprise customers post sale, to ensure that they are successful, and have a great experience using our product.

What is your star sign? And what qualities are really true to who you are?
Taurus! I mean, I'm stubborn thats for sure, but let me see (he googled it to find out more info!) Well, I am certainly not good with finances and if you were to look at my closet of shoes you would know. I'd say I am dependable and loyal. I would guess I am a kind and gentle bull.

What is your favourite part about working at Uberflip?
I would say it's gotta be the people and the customers. Everyone is so enjoyable to work with internally and externally. We've got a fantastic office space that makes coming to work really exciting! Fireside Friday's are awesome, especially when we have signature cocktails.

Do you have any tips for someone joining the team?
Dive right into the culture here! It's such a welcoming and supportive group that even if you are a bit of an introvert, celebrate that but dive right in. Embrace the culture and participate often, there is really something for everybody. There is no need to be shy here and not be your true self. Diversity is supported and embraced at Uberflip! Come here as you are and I can promise that will be celebrated.

What is your favourite part about the Uberflip office?
Julie's candy jar and wherever Max (our office dog) is.

What is your favourite snack offered in the Uberflip kitchen?
Balderson cheddar cheese *said without hesitation*

What emoji best describes you?
Guy with monacle (we both laugh) or um anything with side eye (also laughter)

If you could choose one song to really pump you up, what would it be?
Anything by ABBA!

Working at Uberflip is...the best place to work in Toronto.

Looking to join this incredible team? GOOD NEWS! We're hiring!!!