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Introducing "Uberflip Talks!"

Today, I am very excited to announce an awesome new initiative we've started rolling out this year at Uberflip!

We've got so many smart, kind and talented individuals on our team and we thought it's time we really start taking advantage of this a little bit more. We've been realizing more and more that this office is filled with people who are experts on all kinds of topics, both in their work and personal lives.

What I love even more so about this, is it was an idea from one of our awesome Uberflippers Rahim Lalani that started off as a "what if" and has been officially rolled out to the entire team.

So, with that being said we are rolling out Uberflip Talks; an employee led speaker series created to share knowledge on a breadth of professional and personal topics. The talks are designed to provide a structured and supportive environment for employees to practice presentation and public speaking skills, while being able to share with the community.

Our very own Shaun Alphonso was the first to share his knowledge with the team in a UF Talks called "Three ways to overcome being overwhelmed at work"

Here are some useful things we learned:

  • Set up a workflow - capture everything you need to do and have it all in one place. Scour your calendars, notebooks, email. Clarify (for each individual item) whether you should be the one doing this, or someone else. Then decide whether you need to do it now or some day in the future.
  • Reflect daily to make sure anything you have jotted down on paper that day gets organized into the calendar. Reflect once a week to review all your projects and goals.
  • Organize your tasks into existing or new projects, prioritize, and then calendar (PRO TIP: keep a list of projects or priorities you're working on to review once a week along with at least the very next thing you need to do to move that thing forward)
  • Do it. During your daily reflect time, take everything you've written down on paper and put in your calendar or some sort of "someday" list. During your weekly reflect, make sure the work you're doing is aligned to your goals, your team's goals and your company goals.
  • PRO TIP: during your reflects, completely empty your capture tools. Emails to 0, no new slack messages, empty pieces of paper to gather more notes. 30 minutes for daily review, 60 minutes for weekly review. The time commitment is a lot, but you will ACHIEVE more--not just DO more.