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International Women's Day @ Uberflip!

Happy International Women's Day!!!

"Here's to strong women. May we know them, may we raise them, may we be them."

Today is such an important day, and we have so much to celebrate over here at Uberflip. For starters, this past year we increased our percentage of women in the workplace from 30% to 40% - such a huge milestone and the result of a lot of hard work from our incredible People & Culture team. We are constantly striving to create a more diverse and inclusive workplace.

When thinking of something special to do for our gals for #IWD2018, I was trying to think outside the box. Since we celebrate a lot here, we had done lots of treats and little surprises around the office. One thing that links back to our product is creating great experiences and this gave me an idea!

A few months ago, I heard about a really great women's only coworking space had opened in Toronto called Make Lemonade! I emailed the founder Rachel to meet with her and see how Uberflip could support and get involved in the amazing things she was doing.

So as a thank you for their constant hard work, creativity, and hustle we gifted all our ladies with a pass to go work for the day at Make Lemonade! They were so excited!

I'm so thankful our founders Randy and Yoav are passionate about creating a diverse workplace and supporting and lifting up the women that are on our team! 

It's been (another) great day at Uberflip. To top all of this off, our Engineering guys surprised all of our gals with ROSES today by walking around the office to hand them out. Could they be any sweeter?

I'll end this post with a great post from our co-founder Yoav that was posted in slack today:

"I just wanted to say Happy Women's Day and how important I know this day is. Growing up in a family of basically all powerful women, from my mom who was my first and only real boss, to my sister who i had co-founded a business with previously, I can honestly say i was sheltered most of my life from the struggles most women face in our society. I've also been reading this story to my daughter every night - it's incredible - My daughter asks me every night when her Safta, my late mother, is coming up. Take pride in today and kick some ass ladies"

All photo's were taken by our amazing Product Manager & in house photographer, Mike Brown!