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Why Marketers Should Learn To Master SlideShare

SlideShare B2B marketing

As the digital marketing industry is forever evolving, content marketers are constantly seeking out the latest tools, techniques, and trends that will help them create and deliver a successful campaign.

However, it is not always the newest tools, apps, and platforms that can offer the best results. In fact, one of the most fundamental and versatile tools available to today’s content marketers, SlideShare, was launched way back in 2006. That’s right, the popular slide hosting service SlideShare has been around since a time when content marketing wasn’t even recognized as vital element of digital marketing. Today, SlideShare is an effective and powerful platform utilized by content marketers around the world.

What Is SlideShare?

A hugely important tool for marketers, SlideShare offers value to professionals in a variety of ways by allowing anyone to easily upload and share visual presentations, including documents in PowerPoint, PDF, or Keynote formats, as well as videos and webinars. Even people who are unfamiliar with SlideShare have likely encountered presentations that were originally created for and uploaded to the site.

SlideShare & content marketing

Although SlideShare can be useful to just about any professional or creative individual looking to share their message, it provides a special kind of value to content marketers. The initial vision of the platform was to allow users to share knowledge online, and as the largest online community for sharing professional content, the makers of SlideShare have certainly achieved that goal. The simplicity of its sharing features and the strength of the SlideShare community are a large part of what make this platform so vital in a marketer’s arsenal of tools.

Opportunities & features to showcase your content

The main reason that SlideShare is so important in content marketing is its integral sharing features, which allow users to easily upload and share just about any visual content with the community. From presentations and documents to videos and webinars, SlideShare makes it simple to get your content online and in front of an audience—unless, of course, you choose to upload your content privately. Plus, your content isn’t restricted to being viewed on SlideShare directly. Although many people do visit the site for the purposes of discovering and viewing new content, slide decks uploaded via SlideShare can also be viewed on mobile devices or tablets, or embedded into external web pages.

A thriving community of users & viewers

SlideShare facilitates an interactive community of users who are constantly engaging with the web service and its multitude of content. Aside from just viewing posted content or publishing their own presentations, users are able to rate, comment on, and share public content uploaded by other members of the community. With something in the range of 60 million unique visitors per month, SlideShare is an excellent platform for companies to get their branded message out to an active audience waiting to receive their content.

Premium features

Note that although a basic SlideShare account is free, the platform offers a number of premium packages for users who wish to upgrade to a paid service. These packages include additional features that many marketers may find beneficial, such as access to an analytics dashboard that provides insights to user engagement, as well as the ability to remove ads from your pages, optimize geographic targeting, upload private content and upload videos.

How to get the most out of SlideShare

  • Embed your presentations. The best way to maximize the number of viewers your SlideShare content reaches is to embed it directly into your blog posts (editor's note: Or pull them into your content hub!)
  • Prioritize content. Including key facts and points in your early slides keeps your audience interested and prepares them for what the remainder of your presentation will be about, which may keep them more engaged and more likely to share your content.
  • Be concise — in both content and language. Don’t overload your audience with excess information that doesn’t contribute to your cause.
  • Consider your audience. If there’s a specific demographic you want to reach, create a presentation that speaks their language and addresses their interests and make sure to tag your presentation accordingly so they can find your content. 
  • Keep it visual. The best SlideShare presentations are notable for their visual appeal and are often light on text.
  • Originality is key. Something as simple as using original images rather than generic stock photography will help your presentation stand out from the crowd.

A few more thoughts on branding through SlideShare

SlideShare offers massive potential in tandem with your overall content marketing strategy. Its superb sharing features, community opportunities and large audience potential make SlideShare presentations worth putting some effort into. If you still don’t understand the platform’s value, consider that SlideShare can function similarly to YouTube when it comes to promoting a branded message; SlideShare is the ultimate platform for slide presentations in the same way that YouTube is the ultimate platform for videos. Optimize your presence on SlideShare by consistently incorporating a sense of brand identity within your presentations. For instance, be humorous if it’s appropriate, or be formal, sarcastic, or blunt—whatever voice it is that represents your brand’s persona and can make your presentation stand out among the rest.

Check out our SlideShare collection to see how you can incorporate presentations into your Hub. 

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