Up and to the Right: Tips for Successful Growth Hacking [Podcast]

February 22, 2016 Uberflip Hub

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Growth is a priority for any business, no matter the size or age. However, creating substantial growth when starting from nothing can be incredibly daunting. 

Learn how Anum Hussain, Senior Growth Marketer at HubSpot, helped launch HubSpot's new product, Sidekick, by growing a subscriber base and boosting organic search all within a short amount of time.

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Guest bio: 

Anum is a Senior Growth Marketer at HubSpot. She co-authored Twitter for Dummies and her marketing presentations have together accumulated over 1 million views. Named one of BetaBoston's 25 under 25, Anum is a successful growth hacker and is one to watch! 

Episode breakdown:

  • The process behind launching HubSpot's new product, Sidekick
  • What exactly is B2C2B and how was it established?
  • Building a content strategy for growth
  • How to build out buyer personas and what the discovery call process entails
  • Outcome from the experiment of marketing on different channels
  • Leveraging new learnings to grow subscriber base
  • Best practices for emailing subscribers
  • Creating a solid SEO plan to drive organic search
  • How SEO can affect content creation
  • Transitioning from DIY to managing a team


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