How to Become A Content Machine Through Better Storytelling [Podcast]

March 8, 2016 Uberflip Hub

Ritika Puri podcast - Flip the Switch

Pumping out a ton of content for the sake of quantity is very different than producing high volumes of quality content. This week, learn how to become a productive (and valuable) content machine from Storyhackers’ CEO, Ritika Puri.  

With tips from strategy to production and insight into what brands Ritika thinks are killing it at content marketing, you'll learn how to balance a full plate of requests and projects to produce amazing content. 

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Guest bio: 

Ritika is the co-founder and CEO of Storyhackers, where she helps her clients by producing content, strategy, research, and customer development. 

Through Storyhackers, Ritika has taught workshops at places like General Assembly, Hult International Business School, and 500 Startups; built programming for and The Lean Startup Conference; and has been a guest on podcasts like Convince and Convert Content Pros. You'll also find her writing in publications like Forbes, Business Insider, PC Mag, and The Next Web. (She truly is a content machine!)

Episode breakdown: 

  • How to produce large amounts of content

  • Creating an efficient content creation process

  • Writing for unfamiliar industries: steps to becoming a temporary expert

  • Managing multiple content requests from all over the organization

  • Making more of an impact with less overhead

  • Guidelines for interviewing your audience to fuel your content strategy

  • Agile marketing for content teams

  • Common challenges for companies trying to leverage content

  • Rethinking the marketing and sales funnel

  • Solving problems with design thinking

  • The most underrated skill for a content marketer

  • Creation vs. distribution: is there an ideal mix?

  • Dealing with writer's block

  • How Lululemon is killing it at content marketing


Connect with Ritika:

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