Randy and Anna’s Content Experience Lightning Round [Podcast]

November 12, 2018 Randy Frisch

The Content Experience Show exists to challenge the traditional ways marketers are approaching content and instead get them to focus on creating great experiences.

In this special lightning round edition of the show, co-hosts Randy Frisch and Anna Hrach sound off on a multitude of topics including things like IGTV, gating, influencers, and much more.

As a marketer, are any of these topics keeping you up at night? Tune in to hear these two content pros share their thoughts!

In This Episode:

Should You Gate Your Content?

To gate, or not to gate? Randy and Anna discuss when it’s appropriate to gate content, and what kind of content warrants a gate.

“You can’t ask for someone’s email address if the content you’re going to provide isn’t worth it to them.” — @annabananahrach

Is There Real Value in Instagram Influencers?

When it comes to influencers, Anna thinks that as long as promotion is done in genuine and authentic ways, Instagram influencers are indeed valuable; however, Randy questions whether influencer marketing will provide value over time.

“A TV show teaches us storytelling, it teaches us story arc, you know, there's value in my mind in learning to tell stories versus sitting there and watching [someone] unpack something.”


How Do You Approach Marketing to Millennials?

There are a ton of stereotypes surrounding marketing to millennials—but what’s really important to them? Randy points out that millennials have grown up in a different time with easy access to solutions like Netflix and Spotify, making personalization an expectation for them.

“When we market to millennials, we have to think about what type of experience they expect.” — @randyfrisch

Tune in to the episode to hear Anna and Randy's take on more topics like:

  • Should companies hire for an Experience Manager position?
  • How is storytelling evolving?
  • Is voice search the next big thing? 
  • Are Super Bowl commercials valuable?

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As President and CMO, Randy runs around daily between marketing, strategy, operations, sales and execution of Uberflip's awesomeness.

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