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Infographic: 15 Mobile Stats That Will Change Your Marketing Strategy

mobile marketing stats

Be honest – how many screens have you looked at today?

For a growing number of people, the answer to that will be over 2 – and most of them mobile. We’re consuming content through a variety of devices, not only in our homes and at work, but on the go as well. Because we love content! And we want it wherever we can get it.

This is something we as marketers need to pay attention to. If our content isn’t accessible on the (many) devices people are using, we’re missing out on a huge chunk of our audience.

This infographic digs into the facts – which demographics are on which devices, how much time they’re spending on them, and what the experts are saying – so you can adapt and rock your mobile content strategy. Dive in and keep scrolling down for a roundup of our key findings.

Tweet these facts:

1.  90% of Americans use multiple devices sequentially throughout the day.  - Tweet it

2.  88% of Americans own at least 2 devices – TVs, tablets or smartphones.  - Tweet it

3.  60% of consumers in the US use more than one device while watching television. - Tweet it

4. Adults 18-24 are all about smartphones, while those 35-44 prefer tablets. - Tweet it

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