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Meet the Marketer: Stephanie Totty, ExamSoft

[Editor's note: Stephanie took our marketing assessment and got Marketing Explorer. She’s one of only a handful of marketers who scored top marks in all five categories: Strategy and Scalability, Organizational Efficiency, Content Experiences, Sales and Marketing Alignment, and Measurement and ROI.]

As the Director of Marketing for ExamSoft, Stephanie Totty has more than 10 years of experience in content creation, digital marketing, and social media strategy. She describes herself as a content creator, digital marketing nerd, Harry Potter and MLB fangirl.

Uberflip: In your day-to-day work, what’s your primary focus?

Stephanie Totty: Does ‘herding cats’ count? My job is to make sure all of our marketing efforts are on track and that our efforts are actively pushing prospects through the funnel for our sales team. Content creation, email campaigns, events, paid, social presence (not to mention client outreach and internal communications) all land within our team, and it’s my job to make sure everything is getting accomplished in an efficient and effective way. I’m also really good at making sure there’s always coffee available for everyone!

UF: What’s a campaign, project, or piece of content you’re working on now?

ST: Lately we’ve been kicking it old school and trying out a bunch of personalized mailer campaigns, which has been really fun! My current favorite is a folder mailer that has a 4” TV inside that will play targeted videos to the recipient, including an introduction from our inside sales rep, an animated marketing video, and client testimonials. Working with the team on personalized videos, written content, branding, and tracking / follow up has been challenging, but fun—and since people love receiving physical mail (instead of email) these days, our sales team has seen some great engagement from prospective clients.

UF: What are you currently struggling with?

ST: Time. Our marketing team is a whopping seven people, and there doesn’t ever seem to be enough time to do everything that we want to. We’re also a team that is heavily driven by data, and so making sure that everything we do is tracked back and proven successful by analytics is a constant priority. Sometimes we’re really good at it, sometimes not. So making sure that we’re not only pushing out campaigns but that we’re also tracking these campaigns to influence our next decision is always important.

UF: What tools or resources do you rely on to do your job?

ST: Our team is our most important resource. Since we’re not a huge operation, making sure that everyone is successful at their specific role is incredibly important. There are very few campaigns that we send out that everyone on the team doesn’t touch in one way or another, so we place a lot of emphasis on making sure we have set processes in place to keep everyone on the same page/timeline. Specific tools we incorporate into our processes and strategy are Trello, Uberflip, Vidyard, and Slack. We’re also eager to try out SnapApp to increase form completion and site engagement in 2018.

UF: What’s the one thing you want to improve on in 2018?

ST: Reporting. The marketing nerd inside of me is constantly looking for a better way to prove success (or non-success) of our efforts so that we can make better decisions moving forward. Our mantra here is “fail fast.” If we don’t think something is working, let’s be able to prove that quickly, and make adjustments as soon as possible. It’s not enough to change strategy months later—that doesn’t help our sales team book demos now. We want to watch a campaign play out in real-time, and either cheer on the outcome or fix it immediately.

UF: What are you eager to try in the future?

ST: A personal goal of mine is to continue to grow our client advocacy program and take it to the next level. We have seen such tremendous success with utilizing our clients to create content for us and speak on our company’s/product’s behalf—and I’m excited to continue to push this initiative by empowering our clients to be our champions in the education industry. On top of this, I would really like to see our teamwork to help promote our company culture on a larger scale. ExamSoft is such a fun, and engaging place to work—I’d love for our clients, prospective clients, and even prospective employees to know more about what makes our company such a great place to work.

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