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Infographic: How To Get Arianna Huffington And Pete Cashmore On Your Marketing Team

…and you don’t even have to pay them.

We’re talking about content curation – and how more and more, it’s becoming a vital part of a company’s content marketing strategy. Curating content is not only a way to subsidize your original content (without much extra work – yay!), it adds variety to the content you’re pushing out, and places you as an ally to your readers by sharing information that has no promotional value to you.

We curate a lot of content here at Uberflip because a) we READ a lot of stuff about content marketing and if we think it’s interesting, we think you might too, b) we want to spice up what we’re pushing out instead of all Uberflip, all the time and c) we fully realize we don’t know everything – and when we learn something new, fun, or interesting, we want to share it ASAP! It’s natural to want to share content like this Huffington Post article on the traits social media entrepreneurs or this Mashable report on Snapchat’s security issues (yikes!) as you come across them – if you would with your friends, do it with your readers and followers too. It only helps in generating that dialogue and building that relationship that content marketing is all about.

But enough about us – what’s everyone else doing when it comes to content curation? We took a look at the data and whipped up this infographic to show you the predominant tactics, tools and goals for content curation in 2014. Take a look and let us know what you think in the comments!

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74% of marketers say content curation is an important part of their strategy - Tweet it

Thought leadership is the main reason brands curate content - Tweet it

There are 5 different types of content curation predominantly used by marketers - Tweet it, Curata, Magnify and Swayy are among the top tools for content curation - Tweet it


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