How Transcribing Can Drastically Improve Your Content Strategy [Podcast]

December 24, 2018 Randy Frisch

When creating recorded content like podcasts and videos, transcribing can sometimes come as an afterthought. Many businesses are still skipping transcription entirely and, as a result, missing out on a huge amount of value they could be adding to their content.

One important reason to transcribe is for members of your audience who are hearing impaired and unable to engage with your content any other way. On top of this, though, you can improve your ability to appear in search results by making your dialogues into searchable text, and capture customers’ attention on social media with video subtitles for those who prefer to scroll through their feeds without sound.

This week, Jason Chicola, Founder and CEO of, joins the Content Experience Show to discuss how transcribing your audio can enhance your content strategy.

In This Episode: 

Captioning Your Videos Can Greatly Expand Your Audience

From individuals who are hearing impaired, to people who speak English as a second language, to those who prefer browsing with the sound off, neglecting to add captions to your videos restricts the amount of people you’re able to engage with your content.

“Captions are very popular with people for whom English is a second language. When people learn a new language, they typically are better at reading it than hearing it, depending on the speaker.” — @jasonchicola

Why Captioning is a Critical Part of the Video Experience on Most Social Platforms

Even though most people now know that the majority of social browsing comes from mobile phones, they haven’t fully changed their production processes to adjust to this new way of consuming content.

“Everything is mobile-first, and if you're not thinking first about the mobile experience, your competitor is going to be doing it.”


How Recording Yourself and Transcribing Your Audio Can Increase Your Productivity Over Typing Notes

When you’re brainstorming, staring at a blank document can be intimidating, and that first sentence can take forever to get out. Getting your ideas out by talking, however, is different.

“Recording yourself speaking, you’re going to get more ideas out in 10 minutes than you would at a keyboard.” — @jasonchicola

For the full transcript of this podcast, click here.

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