How to Build a Sustainable Video Marketing Program [Podcast]

July 2, 2018 Randy Frisch

When your business invests in any form of marketing, your first question is probably, “Did this pay off?” In some cases, the answer may come quickly, but when it comes to building a video marketing program, the payoff can take a little more time.

According to Amy Landino of Vlog Boss Studios and Aftermarq, a truly successful video marketing program is about building relationships. As with personal relationships of any kind, a good relationship between you and your customers takes time. Video is a powerful tool to help you do this, but you have to be in it for the long haul.

Business owner and YouTube personality Amy Landino joins the Content Experience Show to discuss video marketing as a long-term investment. 

In This Episode:

Video as a Relationship-Building Tool

Brands that are doing video well are the ones that know there's always more to share, Amy says. Even if it feels like you're saying the same thing all the time, she explains, that’s what’s helping to position you as an expert, and what’s creating conversation around your brand.

“If you want to be one of the brands that’s making the best videos online when there’s so much noise, look at the camera like it’s an actual person.” — @Schmittastic

Why Video Content is a Long-Term Investment

In the episode, Amy explains why you may not be seeing a return on each individual piece of video content. Deciding to invest in a video strategy means that you’re building an entirely new relationship, episode after episode.

“ROI will come over the long-term because this is relationship-building.” — @Schmittastic

Improving the Overall Video Experience

From using captions to simulating a one-on-one conversation, Amy provides examples of ways that you can easily improve the overall experience of your videos.

“Audio will kill your video. If your video is reliant on what is being heard, make sure it has good audio.” — @Schmittastic

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