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How Aquent Markets Freelancers to Marketers [Podcast]

When marketing to marketers, the stakes are high and quality is key. It takes a lot to get a busy marketer’s attention, so when you do, you better be showing them some premium content!

At Aquent, their “products” are freelancers, and they market them directly to other businesses who are looking to add to their marketing teams. In order to be successful, the team at Aquent has learned that they have to take their content to the next level, and push beyond basic messaging about staffing to bigger concepts that are both relevant and entertaining.

Jeff Gangemi, Director of Marketing Communications at Aquent, joins the Content Experience Show to discuss creating content to engage other marketers and the business of being a freelance agency.

In This Episode: 

How Businesses are Balancing In-House Teams with Freelancers

At Aquent, Jeff works with Fortune 500 companies to help them find the best talent to supplement their marketing, creative, and digital activities. He explains the types of roles that are typically outsourced versus the job functions that remain in-house.

Why Quality is Key When Marketing to Marketers

If you’re not creating quality content, it’s going to be perceived as noise. Jeff explains why this is especially true when marketing to marketers.

“Make high-quality content. You can't mess around and hope it works out.” — @jeffgangemi

Moving Beyond Traditional Content

How do you frame staffing in a way that will help large companies realize it’s a way to access unique skill sets that will drive your business forward? Jeff discusses how Aquent creates content that attracts people who wouldn’t normally be attracted to staffing as a practice.

“Framing content in a bigger-business-strategy way of looking at things attracts different eyes that wouldn’t normally be attracted to staffing as a practice.” —@jeffgangemi

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About the Author

Randy Frisch is the CMO and Co-Founder of Uberflip, a content experience platform that empowers marketers to create content experiences at every stage of the buyer’s journey. He has defined and led this movement, prompting marketers to think beyond content creation and truly put their customers first by focusing on the experience. This movement has fuelled an annual conference, Conex: The Content Experience, that brings together 750+ passionate marketers, and a North American-wide Conex Tour. Randy is also the host of The Marketer’s Journey podcast, was named one of the Top 50 Fearless Marketers in the world by Marketo, and is the best-selling author of F#ck Content Marketing: Focus on Content Experience (yeah, he swears sometimes).

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