The Customer Journey Handbook: A complete guide to turning prospects into advocates with content experience

July 16, 2020 Paige Gerber

Did you know 86% of consumers are willing to pay more for a better customer experience? So exactly how does your company go about offering them one? 

Delivering an outstanding experience at every stage of the customer journey is the key to meeting fast-evolving customer expectations. And it’s the key to acquiring and retaining more customers.

As B2B marketers, the customer experience we construct relies heavily on content and its ability to educate buyers. This is precisely why customer experience and content experience go hand in hand. In our guide, The Customer Journey Handbook, we explore all the content experiences you need to turn prospects into advocates.

In this guide, you will:

  • Learn why you need a content journey map (including template)
  • Discover what content experiences you need for the pre- and post-sale customer journey 
  • Explore examples of experiences Uberflip and our customers are using to enhance the journey

About the Author

Paige Gerber

With a love for technology coupled with her passion for CX, Paige has made it her life's work to help marketers drive impactful and measurable strategies through the right mix of storytelling, tech, and data. As the Senior Director of Content Experience for Uberflip, Paige leads the charge in developing and managing our end-to-end customer experience, and does so with a customer-first approach. In her downtime, you'll find her cuddled up with her dog and a glass of wine in hand.

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