Content Roundup: When It Comes to Conversion Optimization, Less is More

January 9, 2015 Victoria Hoffman

Content Roundup

Happy Friday! We're only one week into the New Year and we've already spotted a theme emerging in the content about content marketing: Less is more. This week's #ContentRoundup  will help you focus your efforts and deliver a higher quality content experience to your potential customers. Enjoy!

How Reducing Options Can Increase Conversions [INFOGRAPHIC]

Reduce Options Increase Conversions

Think of conversion optimization through the lens of the "kid in a candy store" theory. If you bring a kid to a candy store, he doesn't know where to focus his attention because there's an overwhelming amount of options. This infographic from Quicksprout neatly demonstrates how fewer options can actually lead to a higher conversion rate.

Content Marketing Trends That Are Still Relevant This Year

Content Marketing Trends 2015

Not all trends fade fast. These five die-hard 2014 trends outlined by Scripted should carry over into 2015 as best practices.

Write Like a Pro: 5 Techniques Top Bloggers Use to Write Successful Blog Posts

Writing Tips

Unimpressed with the bounce rate on your blog? The solution might be as simple as changing your font size. Not only are these tips from Convince & Convert extremely helpful, they're also super easy to implement.

7 Boring Big Brands That Used Humor to Amp Up Their Marketing

Funny Brands

One of the best ways for un-sexy brands to keep their products top-of-mind is to inject their marketing with humor. But how do businesses successfully turn LOL into ROI? HubSpot breaks it down.

16 Stats That Explain Why Adaptive Content Matters Right Now

Adaptive Content

Adaptive content and a "Choose Your Own Adventure" story have more in common than you'd think. Get the details from Copyblogger.

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