Content Roundup: Let's Get Visual!

February 20, 2015 Victoria Hoffman

A picture's worth a thousand words and could potentially lead to 1,000 social shares. This week's #ContentRoundup explains why.

A Complete Guide to Visual Content: The Science, Tools and Strategy of Creating Killer Images

This post from Buffer explains it all: Why visual content is important, how to make it, and the psychology and science behind the appeal of visuals. If you're not on the visual content train, this is a must-read.

How to Cross the Visual Content Canyon

How are brands entering the visual content ecosystem? More importantly, how can your brand keep up? Check out this post by Convince&Convert.

How to Get More Engagement With Your Visual Content

55% of website visitors spend less than 15 seconds looking at a webpage. If that doesn't convince you to get visual with your content, I doubt anything will. This infographic from HubSpot explains how to optimize your visual content for maximum engagement.

11 Unusual Visual Content Marketing Tips to Drive a Ton of Traffic

This post from Jeff Bullas emphasizes how the use of visual content goes beyond blog or social images. Visual content really is essential to your entire content strategy (and should be created accordingly).

Free Stock Photos: 74 Best Sites To Find Awesome Free Images 

First: If you're looking to improve your design skills, you have to give Canva a try. Second: If you're constantly on the lookout for great stock images for your blog, you'll want to bookmark this awesome resource.

Images can also help turn your boring resource center into a lead generation machine! Learn more in our free eBook.

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