Content Roundup: Content Marketing Lessons For Startups, The "Burrito Principle", And More

July 11, 2014 Braveen Kumar


This week's #ContentRoundup includes a content marketing case study at a young startup, brands that are rocking Instagram Video, new and interesting marketing approaches, and more!


7 Lessons Learned While Content Marketing for an Early-Stage Startup

Content marketing has us learning from our mistakes every day. See what these content marketing stories from an early startup can teach you about your own strategy.


The Burrito Principle and Beyond: 12 New Marketing Ideas That Are Memorable, Actionable, and Useful


A great marketing idea needs a great name to match. Check out these 12 standout marketing ideas and hacks, including “The Burrito Principle” and “The Samuel L. Jackson Hack."


How brands can be brilliant at Instagram video


Wondering where to focus your video marketing efforts? Get inspired by these brands who are doing big things with Instagram Video.


10 New Marketing Job Titles You Should Get Used To Seeing


Is a job as a Community Executive, Analytics Adviser or Meme Manager (yes, you read that right) in your future? As the marketing landscape continues to change, so do the jobs within it. 


3 Myths About Duplicate Content

Publishing duplicate content is something you don’t do if you value your site’s ranking in a Google search...right?  Read on to see 3 myths about duplicate content exposed.

Learn  how to avoid any duplicate content penalties with your Hub in this blog post and video


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Braveen is a Content Marketer at Shopify.

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