How Content Marketing and User Experience Go Hand-in-Hand

April 14, 2016 Hana Abaza

Too often, content is treated as an "add-on" to a website, or buried in a neglected resource center. What B2B marketers need to understand is that treating their content separately from their user experience is killing their content's performance.

It's crucial for B2B marketers to start considering their content as an integrated part of their user experience, but where should they start?

In this webinar, UserTesting's Stef Miller explains how B2B content marketers can start providing a great user experience.

You will learn:

  • The biggest mistakes B2B marketers make when it comes to UX
  • How to use UX research to come up with new content ideas
  • How to start considering the complete content experience

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About the Author

Hana Abaza

Hana is the Head of Marketing at Shopify Plus.

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