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Behind The Scenes Of SceneDoc’s Hub

Ask any law enforcement professional what one of their favorite parts of the job is and we’re willing to bet “paperwork” won’t come up too often. The folks at SceneDoc would bet that too, and are actively trying to do something about it.

“We have a fundamental belief that, given the choice, law enforcement personnel will choose to be in the field policing and interacting with the community over filling out paperwork in the office 100% of the time,” their website reads.

SceneDoc is a “mobile first” investigation and field documentation platform that lets law enforcement and public safety personnel document and process scenes on their smartphone or tablet to increase their productivity and, as they put it, “untether the officer from the office”. One-hundred percent secure, their platform allows officers to document and share information between the field and the office, eliminating extraneous tools, cutting down on process time and ultimately improving criminal prosecution success rates.

Sounds pretty cool, right? But getting the word out about a niche product like this can be tough. Enter SceneDoc’s Hub, which showcases their product alongside industry news and blog pieces, videos and social media updates, as well as specific information pertaining to law enforcement, government agencies and cloud computing through custom content streams.

We spoke with Alex Kottoor and Niki Laxamana, SceneDoc’s Co-Founder/CEO and Director of Corporate Communications, about the SceneDoc Hub and how they’re bringing content marketing into the world of law enforcement and security.

Why is content marketing important for SceneDoc?

Alex: Content marketing is important in our space specifically (law enforcement and government services) because thought leadership is critical to being perceived as a trusted provider and a partner that understands their space and industry. It’s a way to socialize our cutting edge technology and create leads – after all, that’s what its all about.

Niki: Everyone knows that content is “king”. Content marketing is important because it is not just about content per se, but relevant content.  We know that by consistently informing people about the items they are most interested in, we will establish greater levels of trust in the market!

How does your Hub help you in your content marketing?

Alex:  We want our visitors and prospective clients to learn everything there is to learn about our company and mobile platform.  Our Hub plays a critical role in how our clients get educated and ultimately if and how they engage with our team.

Niki: How does having a Hub help? Simple! Rather than creating content and simply hoping people will be attracted to it, we are now able to set up marketing streams and organize content that is best suited to their specific needs.

What is your best tip for marketers and aspiring marketers out there?

Alex: Be sure that everything you put out is valuable – not just self serving content. That’s what CTAs are for, right?

Niki: Provide a variety of content to communicate your brand!  By using infographics, photos, and videos along with text, you will stand out from your competitors and will adhere to peoples' different learning styles.

By the looks of SceneDoc’s Hub – which contains everything from SlideShare presentations to blog pieces to their Facebook page, and is sprinkled with link CTAs to their contact and free trial forms – they’re well on their way to becoming content marketing superstars.

Want to make a Hub of your own? Try one out for yourself, for free!

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