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7 Valentine's eCards to Romance the Pants Off Your Favorite Marketer

Valentines for Marketers

When you're a marketer, every day is Valentine's Day.

Think about it. Every day, you're trying to find new and special ways to impress your one and only: your target audience. Once you finally get through to them, it's up to you to keep the romance alive.

But it's not like this is a one-sided relationship. If you continue to impress and treat your customers right, they'll fall more in love with you, too... so much so that they'll start parading their love to the world. And voila! You've landed in a beautiful, lifelong partnership.

Since every day is Valentine's Day between your brand and your customers, we thought we'd use Valentine's Day as an excuse to celebrate another important set of relationships: between fellow marketers!

So, how can you show the coworker, agency partner, or influencer in your life that you care? 

1. Tell them straight-up.

Valentine eCard marketers

2. No, really... tell them straight-up. 


3. Tell them how they make you feel in "social" situations.

Social Media Valenting

4. Show them that you'd go the distance. Even if there was no progressive profiling. 

Content Marketing Valentine

5. Present them with a double entendre. 

Content Marketing Valentine

6. For just one day of the year - just one - share something with them that's NOT a Google Doc. 

Google Doc Valentine

7. Compare them to your favorite type of content. 

Content Marketing Valentine

BONUS: If all else fails, there's always poetry.

Marketing Valentine


Send your own Valentine's eCard in minutes!

Follow these 5 easy steps:

  1. Download the ZIP file containing your templates.
  2. Pick your favorite and fill in the To: and From: lines using the text tool in PowerPoint.
  3. Save your eCard as a GIF or JPG.
  4. Share your eCard via Twitter with your favorite coworker/marketer/influencer to spread the love! <3

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