How Mission-Based Marketing Activates Your Audience [Podcast]

June 3, 2019 Randy Frisch

Dacron, the textile used to make most boats’ sails, doesn’t decompose. Once a sail is discarded, it sits in a landfill—that is, unless it’s transformed into a Sea Bag. That’s where Laura Hnatow and her team enter the picture, transforming this small act of recycling into the heart of Sea Bags’ mission-based marketing.

Sea Bags’ tremendous retail success is rooted in its emphasis on its unique brand story. Video storytelling and user-generated content on social have helped nurture a devoted community of customers, placing the story of every Sea Bag front and center. 

In this episode of the Conex Show, Sea Bags’ VP of E-Commerce and Marketing Laura Hnatow details the ways Sea Bags shapes its messaging, collaborates across departments, and activates its audience.

In This Episode:

How the Sea Bags Team Collaborates Effectively Across Departments

Hnatow refers to Sea Bags as a 20-year-old startup because of the entrepreneurial nature of their employees. As a small group of leaders with several years of experience under their belts, the team is always coming up with new ideas and working across departments to execute them. 

“Ideas originate everywhere in the company. Because we are so cross-functional, we have that ability to share, and then take that and run with it.” – @hnatow

What Makes Sea Bags’ Brand Story Video So Moving

Video is something that’s easy for audiences of all ages to connect to. Whether you’re young or old, Sea Bags is an experiential brand that resonates with all—and video is the closest you can get to experiencing what it’s like to visit one of their retail stores and actually touch their products.

“I love video for so many reasons. It hits on all the senses, and it connects with the broadest audience.” – @hnatow

How Sustainability Shapes Sea Bags’ Marketing Messaging

As Hnatow puts it, sustainability didn't find them—it was something they decided to be. It brings their customers joy to know that they’re giving something that would be sitting in a landfill a second life, while also getting to enjoy a stylish bag. Sea Bags carries this feeling into their marketing messaging.

“If you have the opportunity to touch or feel our bag, you experience and understand it just a little bit differently than just by looking at it on a page or on a screen.” – @hnatow

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