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Uberflip <> Realogy Meeting Agenda

Hi Dawn and Lauren,


Here is our working agenda for the introductory demo:

1. Realogy today: reviewing Lauren and Kevin's conversation from last week and continuing to understand the goals of the Cross Brand Marketing Team

2. Why Uberflip exists: this will provide some grounding for the rest of the conversation

3. Breadth Demo: Since your team oversees a number of major brands with very different needs, we'll give an overview of the breadth of Uberflip to start getting some ideas going. We will put a specific focus on a potential starting point creating better pre and post meeting experiences for the Better Homes & Gardens Team

4. Feedback and next steps: we'll leave around 10 minutes at the end to debrief


This is by no means a strict agenda and we are happy to take the conversation in another direction if it piques your interest.


Looking forward to it,

Kevin, Adam, & Chase