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Limited-Time Offer: 2 Months of Free Access to Sales Streams ?

Don't miss out on this incredible limited-time offer!

We know times are tough and uncertain. At Uberflip, we care about our customers and their success. To help your sales team add a more personal touch to their conversations, we're offering a limited-time trial of Uberflip Sales Streams.

Uberflip Sales Streams offer a scalable way to create a centralized destination for your prospect or customer with all the relevant content they need to move through the buyer journey, faster. Give prospects an easy way to binge on your content and self-educate on your solution.

Why do I need Uberflip for Sales?

  • Add a Personal Touch to Your Sales Conversations. Build one-to-one experiences that are unique to each of your  prospects.
  • Extend Your Sales and CS Reach. The Uberflip Extension in Gmail or Outlook makes it easy for sales and customer success teams to access marketing-approved content libraries and share one-to-one experiences without ever leaving the email message.
  • Uncover Key Sales Insights to Close the Deal. Use Uberflip Analytics to understand what content experiences are working to fuel the conversations your sales team are having with prospects.

What are the offer details I should know?

  • For existing customers only
  • 2 months FREE access to Uberflip Sales Streams with 5 seats
  • Offer ends on June 29, 2020
  • Includes a dedicated working session with your Uberflip Account Executive to get you set up for success

Want to learn more?

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