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How to create a partner-centered experience for your dealers and distributors

partner experiences for dealers and distributors in manufacturing using content

Dealers and distributors are the backbone of a manufacturing business. They allow you to sell products to customers you wouldn’t normally be able to reach and to do so in a cost-effective way. Some dealers also handle basic product service and maintenance, which eases the load on your own service team. 

Having dealers and distributors is a two-way relationship. Yes, these partners make money by selling your products, but you also have to make it easy for them to do so.

When surveyed, 63% of distributors agreed that advertising/marketing support is very important for growth and business development. The longer it takes your distributor to hunt for the right content or product resource, the longer it’ll take for them to close the sale. 

You need a better approach.

What is a partner-centered content experience?

A partner-centered content experience is the presentation, distribution, and creation of content that prioritizes the needs of your distribution or dealer partner. 

A partner-centered content experience will help you:

  • Better educate dealers and distributors

  • Provide timely and relevant content to your partners’ customers

  • Boost dealer and distributor sales performance

  • Increase dealer, distributor, and customer loyalty 


Here’s what you’ll need to get one off the ground:

Create a centralized content hub

Have you ever wanted to send a product sheet but couldn’t find it despite looking through a dozen folders and email trails? Or, worse, found one but mistakenly sent the wrong version?

This is what partners commonly go through when they sell your stuff. If they can’t find what they need on your website, they have to wait for you to send them what they need. That may take anywhere from days to weeks. The customer isn’t going to wait that long. 

The dealer needs that information now.

A centralized content hub is a perfect solution. Many of our customers, like GE and Schneider Electric, have created resource centers to centralize content and educate audiences. Here, partners can easily access all the content and resources needed to support a customer. From there, the distributor can easily find and share content tailored to each client's needs.

Build personalized learning experiences

Everybody’s needs are different. For example, Distributor A might be selling different products than Distributor B because their territories have different demographics. Or maybe Distributor C is better at selling a specific machine tool than Distributor D. 

In these situations, a one-size-fits-all approach might not be very effective.

By creating collections of content personalized to each of your distributors, or what we like to call a “personalized content experience,” you can give your distributors highly targeted materials that have the biggest chance of closing sales with their customers. 

Try setting up consumption paths that guide distributors and their customers through the content in a specific order. Uberflip makes use of “Next Article” flyouts, content recommendation panels, and other techniques to help partners and prospects navigate your content more effectively.     

Distributors and their customers no longer have to guess which pieces of your content will answer their questions. These consumption paths can direct them as well as if you were by their side, pointing at their screens. 

Leverage pre-built marketing campaigns

Providing a single repository of targeted content is a great benefit to distributors, but they sometimes need more help than that. After all, handing over your content all at once can be a little overwhelming (even if that content is hand-picked). 

Instead, you can create pre-built marketing campaigns that your distributors can leverage for their target accounts. Creating these collections of content that are both on-brand and turnkey will up your chances of success. 

Cement your partnership

Now that we’ve established how you can make life easier for your dealers and distributors, let’s bring this new initiative to life. Get to know more about what your partners need from you and work on improving the content experience to fit their standards. 

If you need help putting that together, please talk to one of our experts today, and make yourself the ideal manufacturing partner!