Why Hubs Are An Agency’s Best Friend

November 20, 2013 Aaliyah Madadi

Content Hub

You’re already an expert in content marketing, SEO, inbound marketing, ads, video, campaigns, email marketing, and more. Brands trust you to engage their audience, provide relevant thought leadership, and ultimately improve their bottom line — a doable but sometimes tall order!

Trust us — we know all about the time and resources that go into creating killer campaigns, collateral, and assets. So we built a product that works with you to provide the most engaging experience for audiences, with a ton of insight into what content works and what doesn’t.

The core of content marketing

Today’s effective content marketer must do 4 key things really, really well. They must:

Be quick and nimble

Content marketing happens in real-time and if you allow yourself to get bogged down by IT or other roadblocks, you can easily miss the boat on what your audience is engaging with. Uberflip’s real-time metrics give you the flexibility to discover what’s working and immediately take action.

Centralize content for maximum discoverability

People today are bombarded with content from multiple channels. Creating a captivating Content Hub gives your audience the ability to discover multiple forms of content in one experience. This ultimately drives maximum engagement.

Make content available and accessible

Regardless of what type of content you’re delivering, it’s imperative that it’s responsive, making it available anywhere, anytime!

Filter content based on interest and personas

The core of effective content marketing is to be personalized and targeted with your messaging. You want to identify your personas and speak directly to them. Luckily, it’s never been easier than with Uberflip Hubs.

How Hubs empower agencies

We like to think of Hubs as an agency’s best friend. Hubs brings all your client’s content together — from social media to videos and blog RSS — into one centralized and organized front-end experience. With our proprietary analytics platform, you have robust insight into metrics such as content engagement and performance comparisons between different content channels.

Content Hub

Learn which content is performing well and promote it heavily in your Hub and across your social networks. Capitalize on trending topics by creating Marketing Streams and tailored content for that particular theme. Easily manage your client’s content in a beautiful UI without the need for IT involvement.

With Hubs, we empower you to go beyond your clients’ expectations by organizing and centralizing content – quickly – with an enormous amount of insight into audience engagement.

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