What Do You Love Most About Uberflip? [Part II]

September 26, 2012 Uberflip

Timothy Joseph Duavis, Front-End Developer

My favourite thing about working at Uberflip is the culture. From the start I immediately could tell that the entire team is very knowledgeable and passionate about their own respective craft and role while remaining professional and interpersonal. I believe this motivates me to continue to build upon Uberflip and to continuously be open to bringing forward innovative and unique ideas to the table.

Randy Frisch, Chief Operating Officer

I love that we’re involved in something huge. We’re changing behaviour both for content creators and audiences around the world. That’s pretty exciting. I always wanted to be involved in a project that could impact technology in a big way. I worked in ‘big businesses’ in the past where we talked about doing ‘big things’ but it was often no more than talk or red tape. At Uberflip things happen and they happen fast. We’re getting this done by being real sans BS. Our attire and mind frame is pretty similar to how I’d interact outside the office which cuts away a lot of the fluff. We make promises we intend to keep. As for the office itself in ways I feel like Tom Hanks in Big when he sets up his apartment with trampolines and all. No trampolines here but foosball, music and beer make it feel young and fun.

Lauren Atmore, Client Retention

The thing I enjoy the most about working at Uberflip is the easy-going nature of our general set-up. If I need to take a day off, I don’t need to make my vacation plans known months in advance. I can work at my own pace on projects and I get to try out new things almost every day. At what other job would I get to do yoga in the morning, field emails during the day and practice coding in the afternoon? At the end of the week, I can’t think of a better reward than treating myself to a local brew favourite like Amsterdam or Steamwhistle beer. It’s all these elements that keep my morale high Monday to Friday.

Chris Johnson, Lead Integration Developer

Being one of the latest to join Uberflip, I am still discovering everything great about the organization… so it would be hard to define my favourite thing just yet.  But so far I would have to say the best part of working here is the atmosphere.  It manages to be both competitive and casual in all the right places. For someone who solves problems and builds things for a living, both of those are welcome qualities.

Neil Bhapkar, Director of Marketing

Meetings – or lack thereof. Unlike any job I’ve had before, my calendar is not bogged down by routine meeting after meeting. Don’t get me wrong, we get a lot done and have many impromptu meetings and chats, but it’s almost always easier to just walk 10 feet and ask Lauren (Client Retention) what’s happening with a specific prospect, or just look across the office if I need Yoav’s (CEO) attention on a new piece of creative that we’re finalizing. We have good beer too.

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