What Do You Love Most About Uberflip? [Part I]

September 25, 2012 Uberflip

Gregory Meloche, Senior Developer

Yep so Uberflip has the absolute best dev team I’ve worked with.  Every developer at Uberflip truly cares about what they do and are extremely good at it.  It’s also really cool to be able to work so closely with the boss. Not only does he commit a massive amount to the codebase; he encourages us all to get our hands dirty and challenge ourselves — all while staying out of the way while we’re hustlin’.

Aaliyah Madadi, Marketing Coordinator

I love that my favourite jeans can be a part of my office wardrobe. The Uberflip office is very casual and our attire follows that trend. While this uber-goodlooking team definitely has a sense of style, the general attire is casual and professional. As a fashion lover, I like that I can comfortably wear different styles and outfits to work beyond the typical business formal dress code.

Yoav Schwartz, Chief Executive Officer

What do I love about Uberflip? Quite a few things stand out… First off the people who work here. It never ceases to amaze me how every new team member brings a hidden, unique skill set to the table. Secondly, the ambiance – aside from the occasional suffering through Peter’s 80s rock jam – the lighting, the flooring, the bricks & beams – it’s my dream office. Finally, what I love most about Uberflip is the product. It’s my baby. And it’s been an amazing journey watching all aspects of our business flourish with the help of our amazing team. P.s. it doesn’t hurt that I’m the reigning (self proclaimed) foosball champ. Who’s next?

Jose Sanchez, Communications Specialist

I love the fact that I’ve seen Uberflip grow from a team of two people to a company with almost twenty employees that is changing the way people consume content. We used to dream and joke about having world-class brands using our technology. That is now a reality. The process has been challenging but also fun and very rewarding!

Audrey Gagnon, Account Manager

Besides the beautiful, open, sunny work space and a great crew of colleagues – my favourite thing about working at Uberflip is that we are not micro-managed. Though we are given lots of support and advice if we ask for it, we are also given lots of room to take risks, grow and be as creative as we want to be in our approach to our job. This is really quite perfect for my personality type! Putting in the hours at Uberflip is also fun because I really believe in the product and I feel privileged to be part of this growing company. Best job I’ve ever had.

Rob Secord, Senior Front-end Developer

I love working for a company where development tasks are done right.  A good infrastructure is paramount to a successful work environment, and having systems in place to make the developers’ job easier and more efficient is a welcome step-up from my last workplace. Too many companies hide their “mess” behind a pretty website.

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