Uberflip Teams Up With Wistia To Make Video Marketing Magic

February 11, 2014 Michael Keshen

At Uberflip, our goal is to provide content marketers with what they need to take full control of the experience they put in front of their audience. As it turns out, we’re not alone in this, which is why we’re always teaming up with other awesome software to offer powerful integrations that our customers will love.

Our most recent partnership is with the amazing team at Wistia to offer yet another way to bring your great content into your content Hub. For those unfamiliar with Wistia, you’ll definitely want to check them out. Wistia is a powerful video hosting service for businesses, allowing you to have more control over the viewing experience, collect info from your audience while viewing your content, and even see analytics to measure how effective your content is.

Sound familiar? That’s what Uberflip’s all about as well, so you might call it a match made in marketing heaven!

To get started, here’s a guide on how to bring your Wistia videos into your Uberflip Hub. Note that you’ll need a Wistia account as well as an Uberflip account  - click here to get started for free.

Add a Wistia Stream to your Hub

In Uberflip, select + Add a Stream.

Now, select Wistia.

Enter your Wistia API Password

You can grab this from your Account Dashboard in Wistia.

Now that you have your API password, enter this into Uberflip. Once entered, click Connect.

Select a Project

You will be able to create a Stream for each Project in your Wistia account. As you upload more videos, your Hub will be updated in realtime.

That’s It!

Your Wistia Projects will now be automatically imported into your Hub and will live amongst all your web content – blogs, docs, tweets, photos and more!

Don’t have a Hub yet? Try one out for free.

About the Author

With an M.A. in Communications & Culture and a strong passion for technology, Michael has found his home as a Marketing Specialist at Uberflip. Though focused on channel marketing initiatives, Michael is often called on for last-minute tasks or for help using Uberflip's software.

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