Uberflip’s Most Frequently Asked Questions

January 14, 2013 Michael Keshen

Do viewers need to install anything to read my Uberflip publications?

Nope! A reader uses a single URL to access your Publication and we will serve up either a Flash version (for PCs) or HTML5 (for smartphones and tablets) that is optimally sized for whichever device your content is being viewed. Of course, if you need a downloadable app for your Issue, we can help you with that as well with our Library app. [more info]

Can I make changes to my Uberflip Publications after uploading?

You sure can! We will retain any links and bookmarks in your original PDF but make it easy for you to change these as well. If you need to make a major adjustment to a particular page, you can use our Page Replace feature to swap it with an updated version. And, of course, there are our many widgets that can be used to enhance your content like social media feeds, videos and image galleries. [more info]

Can I link directly to a specific page in my Issue?

Sometimes it can be more effective to direct readers to a specific part of an Issue rather than making them page flip their way to a location. Our Table of Contents and Tabs feature simplifies this process, but you can also link readers to a particular page in your issue by adding a page number to the end of the Issue’s URL (e.g. http://www.publication.com/t/issueID/pagenumber). [more info]

How do I present advertisements in my Issue?

There are many different ways to incorporate ads into your Issue, and Uberflip has provided ways for its Users to do so. Some options include a widget beside your Publication, custom popups, page widget overlays and timed page ads that are determined by time shown or page views. [more info]

Do I need to do extra work to accommodate for different screen resolutions (e.g. iPad Retina Display)?

Once you upload your PDF to Uberflip, our software will handle the rest and ensure that your content looks great on whatever device is being used to access it; however, if you’re looking to create Issues that have the optimal resolutions for a specific device, our knowledge base has you covered! [more info]

Any more questions? Ask us in the comments or email our Support team!

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