Twitter Tips for Beginners

January 18, 2013 Michael Keshen

So you’ve finally decided to join the conversation and sign up for Twitter… now what? Twitter may be a fairly simple concept, but getting started can be quite intimidating – especially when you have no followers yet. But don’t worry, everyone has started off in the same place. Though there is no one path to success, keeping the following tips in mind will help you get on your way to becoming a master Tweeter!

Just start tweeting

Many people worry that their Tweets will not be seen by anyone – or that no one cares about what they have to say – and so they give up before even getting started. This is certainly a valid concern, but keep in mind that people will definitely not be interested in your Tweets if there aren’t any to begin with! During your first stage of using Twitter think of it more as an open journal. Share your thoughts, interests and noteworthy findings from the web. This will help build your confidence with Tweeting as well as attract like-minded individuals, connecting you with the right people – which was one of your goals in the first place!

Why are you using Twitter?

Though there aren’t necessarily any ‘rules’ for how you should Tweet, it is a good idea to try to have an element of consistency to your profile. You should take a moment and first identify who you are and why you have joined Twitter. Are you posting as yourself, a persona or a business? Are you trying to make people laugh, discuss serious issues, find a job or find shopping discounts? By better understanding who you are and why you’re on Twitter, you will have an easier time deciding what Tweets are relevant and consistent to your profile.

Go mobile

Ideas for great Tweets will come to you at random moments throughout the day. Maybe you just had an amazing cappuccino at a local coffee shop or see a celebrity crossing the street. If you don’t have a smartphone with you, the magic of this moment may be lost by the time you get to a computer to share your experience. If you’ve got a smartphone, stop what you’re doing and set up your Twitter account on it right now! You never know when inspiration will hit and you’ll want to be prepared for when it does.


Using Twitter through its website and app is only the beginning! Depending on how you are using the network, you might find it useful to use other services to access your account. For instance, you can use Hootsuite to access your many social network accounts in one place. Or if you want to have a more active profile, you can use Buffer App to ensure that you don’t overload your followers by spacing your Tweets apart. Check out our post on the Top 5 Social Media Monitoring Tools for even more ways to manage your account and look around at what’s out there – you might think of new ways to Tweet than you would have never otherwise thought of!

Have any more useful tips? Let us know in the comments below or, of course, on Twitter @Uberflip!

About the Author

Michael Keshen

Michael is a Content Marketer at Tucows.

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