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This Week In Content Marketing: SlideShare Power, Ann Handley's Writing Secrets And More


This week's #ContentRoundup is all about the rise of SlideShare for content marketing, what to focus on for your messaging, Ann Handley's content tips, and more. Enjoy!

Here’s How Ann Handley (the World’s First Chief Content Officer) Writes

Inside the mind of author, speaker and content marketing superstar Ann Handley (Chief Content Officer of MarketingProfs and yes, the world's first!).

101 Best Twitter Lists To Follow in the Twitterverse

You're all over who to follow on Twitter for content marketing, but there are also a ton of awesome lists out there to subscribe to. This list of lists (meta), covers everything from social media marketing to copywriting to PR - and some fun ones like fitness and beauty for good measure. 

Features vs. Benefits: A Crash Course on Proper Messaging

Are you being a little self-centered in your messaging? Why focusing on benefits for your customers over service or product features is essential for effective messaging. 

5 Ways to Make Shareable Images That Drive Traffic

Pinterest, Instagram, Vine - people are getting more visual and content marketing is following suit. How to create and incorporate images into your strategy for more buzz (and traffic).

Did We Just Invent A New Form of Blogging?

Do you use SlideShare for your content marketing? Jay Baer on how it's quickly being recognized as a powerful marketing tool, with examples of brands who are taking advantage.  

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