This Week In Content Marketing: Evergreen Content Tips, Upping Facebook Engagement And More

January 17, 2014 Hayley Mullen

This week’s #ContentRoundup is all about creating valuable evergreen content, how to increase your Facebook engagement, the best and worst social networking trends, and more. Enjoy!

4 Useful Tips for Creating Evergreen Content (With Four Killer Examples)

Creating long-lasting, valuable content that people keep coming back to is the holy grail of content marketing. Check out HubSpot’s 4 tips on turning your content (ever)green.

5 Of The Best And Worst Social Networking Trends For 2014

Sometimes you have to take the bad with the good. Here are 5 social networking trends expected for 2014 you might end up having a love/hate relationship with.

5 Blog Tips To Maintain Momentum When Taking A Break

Even bloggers need a break! Get away without having your blog lose steam (or readers) with Heidi Cohen’s tips on maintaining your blog’s momentum.

How to Increase Your Facebook Engagement by 275%

Facebook is all about engagement (and we don't mean the photo barrage of two lovebirds in front of a brick wall/under a tree). Neil Patel shows, in infographic form, how to engage your fans and get your page working for you.

The Content Marketing Conflict: Engagement vs. Usefulness

Forbes brings us an interesting (and useful!) piece on how to create content that resonates with readers through each step of the buyer journey.

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