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July 25, 2012 Uberflip

Here at Uberflip, we try to have as much fun as we can. Moving offices in early 2012 allowed us to settle into our new home and create an office space that we can be motivated in. Here are some close-up details that define Uberflip’s office environment:

Growing Together:

Our space is equipped with two flat screen monitors that can easily be viewed by everyone in the office.The screens are a visual display that tracks Uberflip’s new account sign ups and visitor activity. Our CEO, COO, and Marketing Director can always be found looking up at these screens throughout the day to view the real-time stats.

Keeping Our Cool:

The Uberflip Lounge located in the back of the office is fit with its very own beer fridge – featuring favorite brews from the entire Uberflip team. Most Friday afternoons aren’t complete without having a drink while wrapping up the week’s final tasks. Although the fridge is dedicated to beer, many other varieties of beverages also help to fuel and hydrate our team.

Tuning-In To Motivation :

Engaging audio is what keeps our team motivated in our office! Everyone’s computer is hooked up to our Apple TV, and iTunes can be synced with Airplay to allow anyone to control the central audio system that runs through the entire office. Our team is encouraged to play songs from their personal iTunes selection or from various iTunes stations. Although some harmless battle of the bands sometimes occurs, classic rock and chill-out stations are a common musical compromise.

Play Together, Stay Together:

The Uberflip lounge area is complete with a foosball table to allow our team to engage in some fun fair-play. Most members can be found playing on their lunch break or staying after-hours just to spend some more time with colleagues.

We Are Family:

The Uberflip kitchen is a space of friendly conversation and creating connections. Having a full kitchen allows team members to feel at home when they are at the office. Complete with a very large kitchen table, many members of our team will bring back their lunch and sit around this table to chat, have tea and coffee in the morning, and hold smaller meetings when the other rooms are occupied.

Wide Open Spaces:

No Office Space cubicles here! The Uberflip space is very open with lots of hard wood floor space, high ceilings complete with wood beams, and plenty of natural light. Hosting our entire team in one space allows for open communication, teamwork and collaborative thinking.

Learning Together:

Outside of office hours, the Uberflip team makes an effort to spend time together. In order to help the team relax and get comfortable, Uberflip offers in-office yoga every two weeks. Yoga helps team members relax and start their day off right! Many members of the team can also be found exploring the many eclectic restaurants in the area, as well as engaging in some happy hour drinks at the local watering holes.

Interested in joining the Uberflip team? Check out our current job openings here. To learn more about the Uberflip team, check out our team page here.

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