Social Celebrity: How To Build Your Personal Brand Online

October 18, 2012 Uberflip

By creating a medium for influence and opinion, social networks have allowed users to build identities, communities and form connections without ever meeting face to face. Harnessing this influential force, celebrities have relied on social media to develop their brands, connect with fans, and organically promote themselves. Just like Nike or Oprah, we all have our personal brands that we can build online. In an era where the professional, personal and social aspects of life are constantly blended together, your social presence must be polished, but still be you. Here are some tips from celebrities who have successfully branded themselves on social media:

Justin Bieber: Stay Authentic from the Start

Discovered through YouTube at the age of 12, Bieber conceived his online brand before he became famous. From a very young age, Justin built his personal brand online in order to spread his music, gain a following, and promote himself across many different mediums. Social media has allowed celebrities to authentically get their own opinions and messages out to the public sans traditional media. Justin teaches individuals the most important rule of personal branding: be yourself and stay authentic. Social media has allowed Bieber to remain true to his fans and showcase his personality to the public.

Lady GaGa: Create Community

Lady Gaga has utilized her online presence to form communities and build her brand as a thought leader amongst fans. From the start of her career, Gaga connected with bloggers to get her controversial thoughts about art, music and culture out into the public. Spreading her brand in this organic way allowed her to establish a niche following and connect with like-minded individuals with similar values and opinions. To connect even further with her fans, Gaga also started her own social network. The network,, resembles Pinterest as a place for Lady Gaga fans to share their knowledge, memorabilia and daily thoughts; it also functions as a direct conduit to interact with the mother monster herself . Similar to Lady Gaga, make it a top priority to connect with other like-minded individuals and engage in relevant conversations. You’ll be able to develop a democratic social circle to share thoughts, posts and opinions. If you have many different interest and passions, think about starting a blog or create twitter lists in order to connect with your various audiences. Building this kind of positive reputation allows you to foster deeper connections and gain a targeted following.

Obama: Be Organized

U.S. President Barack Obama illustrates the importance of being aware of the content you share. Since most social networks display information to the public, saying or posting the wrong thing could negatively impact your reputation and, in turn, your brand. In light of the presidential election race, Obama’s campaign team facilitates his Twitter account while the President also contributes by posting his own updates. This degree of organization creates a strong brand through scheduled strategy and also creates a personal connection with audiences through intimate content. To mimic this strategy, you can use a social scheduling system such as Bufferapp to broadcast your information and make sure your words and opinions are perfectly formulated before they are sent out to your networks. Planning your output will help you polish your image and stay professional.

Making the transition to a developed personal strategy can seem daunting; however, it’s important to remember that building your personal brand is a long-term investment that can be beneficial for your company, career, and personal life. Take your personal brand as an opportunity to discover new passions and learn more about yourself!

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