Snapshot by the Numbers: How Marketers are Owning the Journey [Infographic]

April 12, 2018 Jermaine Reyes

As a marketer, do you follow in others’ footsteps? Or blaze your own trails? At Uberflip, we surveyed more than 700 B2B marketers to take a snapshot of where they stood along their marketing journey.

Read on below to see how marketers are owning their journey, by the numbers, in this gigantic infographic.

Own the Journey Infographic | Uberflip

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Find out how you're owning the marketing journey by completing our interactive assessment.

About the Author

Jermaine Reyes

Jermaine Reyes is the Content Marketing Manager at Nextopia. Jermaine keeps both eyes open to emerging, disruptive technologies and the simple fundamentals of planning and executing well.

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