Portrait of a Content Marketer: More Than a Marketer [Infographic]

November 11, 2014 Braveen Kumar

Portrait of a Content Marketer

Content marketing invites people from different backgrounds that aren't necessarily specific to business. But wherever they're coming from, content marketing requires them to learn outside the box.

Most content marketers seem to define their careers by becoming a master of one skill while exploring a breadth of related disciplines in business, technology, publishing, and the arts.

In fact, when describing today's content marketer he or she starts to look like more than a marketer.

This infographic paints a portrait of this versatile jack of all trades.

content marketer infographic

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About the Designer

Native of France, Quentin Zancanaro gained valuable experience in many graphic design areas and offers a versatile skill-set. As a Graphic Designer at Uberflip, Quentin focuses to provide creative and innovative assets to promote the Uberflip brand and communicate our message.

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About the Author

Braveen Kumar

As a Content Marketer & Editor at Uberflip, Braveen brings his experience as a writer-for-hire to the world of content marketing. He works with the rest of his team to develop blog posts, visual content and eBooks for Uberflip's audience of passionate marketers.

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