Our Summer at Uberflip – Intern Perspectives

August 21, 2012 Uberflip

Aaliyah Madadi

It’s hard to believe that only a few months ago I was finishing off my formal education at the Richard Ivey School of Business in London, Ontario. Thinking of those final few weeks at Ivey, I’m taken back to the feelings of excitement, nervousness, and nostalgia that characterized my graduating class as we were preparing to enter the “real world” and leave our student days behind. With summer just around the corner, I was excited to dive into my career and to get experience in the business world. On the other hand, I recognized that this was my summer after graduation—possibly my last summer before the “real world” took over—and I didn’t want to be stuck in a cubicle or working somewhere where my creativity and passion would be stifled. When I read the job posting for Uberflip…“there, they’re, their…you know the difference and you cringe when you see blatant misuse”, “flexible working hours”, “fully-stocked beer fridge”, “hip Liberty Village office”…I remember immediately telling my friends and family: I want to work here!

And that I did! The internship has been amazing. I was immediately drawn to the entrepreneurial nature of Uberflip and this has proved to be one of my favourite facets of the company. Through my internship, I was able to experience a variety of tasks and to wear multiple hats throughout the organization: I was part of marketing projects, experimented with social media roles, and I even did some event planning for Uberflip’s Launch Party. I’ve come away from this internship with a new perspective on my career, and deeper understanding of marketing, and I’ve had a lot of fun in the process.

As the internship winds down, I’m happy to say that I’ll be joining the Uberflip team full time in the fall! It didn’t take me long to realize that this was definitely a place and a group of people that I want to continue working with and learning from. I believe that there’s a lot of growth and opportunity on the horizon and I’m looking forward to diving into my new role with even more of the “Work Hard, Play Hard” mentality that’s been inscribed in me since those Ivey days.

My emotions right now? Pure excitement! Excitement about the experience and skills I’ve learned over four short months and excitement about all that’s to come for my personal career and for the future of Uberflip. Not to mention my excitement about continuing to work with this phenomenal group of people: the coolest dev team I’ve ever met (which doesn’t say much since I’ve never worked with a dev team…but these guys are pretty cool), a trio of challenging, intellectually stimulating, yet personable and chill management team, a totally down-to-earth sales team, and of course, marketing mavens with wit and personality! Thanks for the experience, team!

Sonya Furdyk

My summer at Uberflip has gone by so fast! Taking a year off between my undergrad and post-graduate degrees has allowed me to develop my skills in marketing and social media and put my passion into practice! Being part of a collective team in an amazing start up atmosphere, I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to get to know the industry and people that inhabit such an amazing product.

During my time at Uberflip, I have had the pleasure of working on projects with an incredible and motivated team. As part of my internship, I got to handle some of Uberflip’s social media. A great challenge and a learning experience all it’s own, I got to connect and converse with community managers, marketing professionals and tech lovers on a digital level. Developing creative strategies and problem solving across multiple social networks, I was the envy of all my friends when I boasted that I got to go on Pinterest for work.

Another aspect of Uberflip I worked closely on was the blog. A once a week meeting, our marketing team would get together to hash out, debate and keep each other up to date on the latest trends in technology and marketing. These meetings offered me a space to teach others, learn, and develop my own creative ideas. Writing multiple pieces over the course of the summer, I was able to touch on topics that I found interesting and was motivated to look for thought-provoking answers to industry questions.

I really couldn’t have asked for a better place to complete my internship. The team is amazing, the work is diverse, and the atmosphere is so positive. All of these experiences have made me excited to be attending Humber College for their post-graduate certificate in Public Relations as I know that the skills that I have gained from my internship will translate into well-rounded industry knowledge to apply to my future assignments. Interning at Uberflip has allowed me to further develop my passion for communicating and has helped me prepare for my future both academically and professionally.

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