No-Nonsense Reasons Why You Should Attend The Uberflip Experience

May 5, 2016 Kelly O'Hara

The Uberflip Experience

Ah, summer. It's right around the corner which means sunshine, visits to the beach, ice cream, and... THE UBERFLIP EXPERIENCE! (It's August 24–25th in Toronto, FYI).

If you haven't already purchased a ticket, I assume it's because you're too busy with your head down creating great content and haven't had the chance to really look into it. It's ok. I get it. That's why I took the time to write up a few reasons why you should attend. Let's get to it!

Learn from the best-of-the-best in content marketing.

We have some great speakers lined up for the conference with more to come! Come and learn from Jay Baer, President of Convince & Convert; Andy Crestodina, Co-founder of Orbit Media; Yoav Schwartz, CEO & Co-founder of Uberflip; and more! We'll also have great sponsors milling around and other Uberflippers who will all be more than ready to talk shop about everything content marketing. Let your content marketing geek flag fly high. 

Jay Baer      Andy Crestodina      Yoav Schwartz

Get takeaways for your entire org.

A main theme of The Uberflip Experience is talking about how to utilize content across the entire buyer journey for a better content experience. So we'll not only talk about how to help out the marketing team, but also how anyone from sales to success to product can boost their productivity with the help of content. 


Network like it's going out of style.

Meet fellow Uberflippers and other marketers not only at the conference but also at all of our exciting *extracurricular activities*. You'll have a chance to mingle with your new marketing friends at Uberflip's kickoff party at our headquarters, at a rooftop shindig, and at after-conference events. Seriously, bring an extra pair of socks because they WILL be knocked off with all of this fun. 

Knock your socks off

Meet the team behind the magic (of Uberflip). 

Speaking of networking, now's your chance to chat with the team members at Uberflip. Want to meet your success rep? They'll be there. Want to talk to the marketing team about their content strategy? They'll be there. Want to request a special feature from the dev team? They'll be there (no promises on how fast we can churn out a new request, though). It's like a celebrity meet and greet just without any actual celebrities. Still fun, though! 

Uberflip Team

Get a bigger bang for your (US) buck.

While us Canadians are cursing our beloved Loonie, you lucky southern neighbors can come to Toronto and $$make it rain$$. Or just save money. That too. For our Canadian brethren, now's your chance to come to an event at home and not have to cry over the exchange rate! It's a win-win all around. 

Dolla Bills

Bonus: Maybe see Drake?

We can't promise this one like we can the others. But he's been around a lot lately, so WHO KNOWS! 

Views from UFX

Want your own views from the 6ix and some wicked awesome content marketing tips? Get your tickets to The Uberflip Experience now!

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Kelly O'Hara

Kelly is a Content Marketing Consultant at Uberflip, helping the team with content strategy and implementation. As a Massachusetts native living in Toronto, she spends her free time exploring the city, hanging out with her cat & dog, and watching Tom Hanks movies.

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