New Blog Editing Tool Lets You Make Changes On The Fly

December 15, 2013 Hayley Mullen

We’ve said before that we’re all about making marketers’ lives easier, and it’s true! Even if it’s our own lives we’re making easier at first (hey, we’re marketers too).

Our latest feature was actually inspired by one of our own pain points. If we wanted to make a change to a blog post after it had been published, we’d have to update the post in WordPress then wait several minutes for the changes to be recognized and pulled through to the Hub. Several minutes may not be that much time, but if there’s one thing we know it’s that marketers move fast – and want their tools to as well.

So without further ado, we give you the new in-Hub blog editing tool that lets you make all of the quick and dirty changes you need to your posts and updates them immediately in your Hub. Immediately as in right away, not hold-up-just-wait-ten-minutes immediately. Let’s get to it.

Using the in-Hub blog editing tool

Head to Manage Hubs and select your blog. Find the post you want to edit and click on the little pencil icon to get cracking.

From there, you’ll be able to edit your piece in much the same way you can in any blogging platform. Update the text right in the post, add and delete images, insert links, format text, add media, and so on.

You can also switch over to the source code, so you can further manipulate your post by directly editing the HTML.

And if you need to change the author, thumbnail or title, you can edit the post’s metadata as well. Easy peasy.

Then, just hit Save and you’re good to go. Your piece will be updated immediately to reflect any changes you made.

Basically, this is one more way to control your content from within your Hub, saving you time, frustration and any hairs you might pull out waiting for that typo you can’t believe you missed to update in your Hub. :)

NOTE: Once you edit your post using the in-Hub editing tool, you won’t be able to update through the original source anymore. You can edit pretty much everything within the Hub, but still be sure to polish your post as much as possible within your blogging platform before you first publish.

Haven’t created a Hub yet? Try one out for free so you can test this new feature out for yourself! (We won’t ask you for any credit card information – promise.)

About the Author

If you follow Uberflip on any of our social media channels, you're already familiar with what Hayley does! After two years of working in startups, she joined Uberflip as Community Manager, where she attempts to put her copywriting background to good use.

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