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How One Quiz Generated a Million Dollars

The Million Dollar Quiz

Zenni Optical has grown into an optical industry leader, providing an easy and affordable option to purchase fashionable eyewear online. When the brand set out on a mission to increase their revenue through online sales, they turned to Internet Marketing Inc (IMI), a full-service digital marketing agency, to develop a custom SEO and content marketing strategy to increase brand awareness and organic traffic to Zenni’s website.

To help Zenni achieve their goals, IMI built a custom content marketing campaign called “You’ve Been Framed,” welcoming interaction with current and potential customers. This campaign came in the form of a 9-question multiple choice quiz that took the user through a visual journey to match them with a pair of glasses that promise to complement their style, lifestyle and budget.

You can take the quiz here:

The “You’ve Been Framed” quiz generated over $1 million in revenue and 29,410 lead conversions with a 9,655% ROI in 6 months.

Why was this campaign so successful?

IMI conducted initial research to understand Zenni’s target audience, which included an analysis of their buying behaviors and insights into the type of content they find interesting and engaging. With this information, personas were developed to create questions, answers, and outputs that made the quiz feel accurate and relatable. In turn, this encouraged brand affinity and increased conversions.

From an SEO perspective, applying keyword research, on-page optimization, and a technical diagnostic ensured that the quiz was crawlable by Google, making it easier to rank, find and share. The quiz also featured an optional lead generation form allowing consumers to keep up with Zenni fashion trends, which created a larger subscription-based audience that now receives Zenni-related news, deals, and updates.

Another reason for its success was the call to action. The quiz outputs drove traffic directly to a customized category landing page that spoke directly to the user’s outcome, generating a personalized experience with Zenni and their products, organically guiding the consumer down the conversion funnel.

This campaign created a marketing mix that exceeded the initial goals set. Read more to learn about the strategy, distribution and the performance metrics IMI used to measure and define success.

The Goals

The road map for success was developed around a series of objectives, which helped to reach the overarching goal of increasing revenue through online sales:

  1. Build quality links back to Zenni’s website
  2. Increase organic traffic to the website
  3. Improve brand awareness
  4. Increase search ranking

The Strategy

The foundation of IMI’s strategy was built on a strong understanding of the specific digital audience they were targeting through data and insights. They were able to achieve this by taking the following steps to make sure the quiz reached and resonated with Zenni’s target market:

Technical research: A site-wide technical diagnostic, keyword research and additional SEO optimizations such as the application of appropriate meta descriptions allowed IMI to optimize the quiz landing page to ensure the content was crawlable by Google, making it easier to rank, find and share.

Conversational research: Social listening helped IMI gather valuable qualitative audience insights on how people talked about specific keywords and the sentiment surrounding the topic of glasses. This helped IMI identify what types of content Zenni’s target market desired.

quiz research

quiz research

Comparative research: Competitive and landscape analyses gave IMI an understanding of where Zenni’s audience was getting their information, as well as helped identify gaps and potential opportunities to ensure that the execution of the promotion phase was as informed as possible. IMI also used eMarketer to gather historical data on consumer buying habits to further the understanding of the optical industry’s consumers.  

After gathering data and insights, keeping in mind what IMI already knew about the Zenni Optical brand, eight individual personas were developed and matched to each frame [style].  

eyeglass quiz outputs

The Call to Action

One of Zenni’s main goals for this campaign was to drive more traffic to a new category landing page. Therefore, IMI used a relevant CTA (call to action) that drove people to Zenni’s “Hottest Trends” landing page. Here, the user was encouraged to discover additional frames of the recommended style chosen for them by the quiz.  By using a landing page that mirrored the design of the quiz, the transition between the content piece and exploring products to purchase was seamless.

quiz cta

The Distribution and Promotion

The promotion strategy for the “You’ve Been Framed” quiz consisted of:

  1. Using the Zenni Optical newsletter to drive traffic to the quiz
  2. Adding a banner to the quiz on Zenni’s homepage
  3. Reoccurring posts on Zenni’s social channels
  4. Outreach to niche industry influencers in categories such as fashion, lifestyle and optometry
  5. Supportive paid media and content amplification such as promoted Facebook posts, StumbleUpon, Outbrain, Taboola & Izea

Defining Success

Interactive pieces of content like quizzes can be very successful when done well because consumers play an active role in the process and are more invested in the answer. This type of medium has proved to increase brand affinity and organically drive conversions like no other.

Setting specific key performance metrics such as how many times the quiz was taken and shared, amount of leads generated, the conversion rate and the revenue attributed to the quiz helped IMI report and optimize its success throughout the campaign.

quiz results

The Results

IMI teamed up with the Qzzr team to give the quiz even more visibility by showcasing the content piece in the Qzzr newsletter and their homepage. Gaining access to Qzzr’s unique visitor database along with IMI’s influencer outreach and paid promotion techniques helped spread the content and allowed for further reach.

quiz ROI

In just 6 months, the “You’ve Been Framed” quiz generated over $1 million dollars in revenue with a 9,655% ROI.

To learn more about IMI’s process to achieve these results, read their case study, “The Million Dollar Quiz.

Want to learn how to create your own million dollar quiz? Watch our webinar with Qzzr!

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