Introducing Uberflip for Apple Watch: A Wearable Content Experience

April 1, 2015 Uberflip Team

Uberflip Apple Watch

In just a few short weeks, you’ll be able to create a content experience that’s even more personal, elegant and purposeful than ever before.

Uberflip for Apple Watch is the ultimate wearable content experience.

Not only will your potential customers be able to read emails, summon Siri and track their fitness goals from the convenience of their wrist, they’ll also be able to experience a custom content journey in a way that’s never been done before.

Uberflip for Apple Watch

The user experience with content has clearly shifted from desktop to mobile; wearable content experiences will inevitably be the next big step. We wanted to do more than put a responsive content experience in the palm of your hand—we wanted to put it on your wrist. It just makes sense.

Jay Lee, UX Designer at Uberflip

The Uberflip App for Apple Watch will allow you to:

  1. Provide a content experience for potential customers that scales for their wrist.
  2. See in real-time how your users are making their way through your content journey.
  3. Track your audience's heart rate as they consume your content, for deeper engagement feedback than mere social shares that you can pass on to your marketing automation.
  4. Enable your audience to consume your content on the go—wherever they go.  

Uberflip for Apple Watch

Features of the Uberflip App for Apple Watch include:

  1. Tap CTAs — Forget the hassle of collecting your contact's name and email. With our “Tap to Subscribe” feature, they're just a “tap” away from opting in to receive more of your content (CASL restrictions apply).
  2. Voice-to-Text commenting— Commenting on content within your Hub is now as simple as holding the Apple Watch near your mouth and saying, “Great blog post!" Create more conversations with your content by enabling your audience to literally speak their mind.
  3. Spritz integration — With our Spritz speed reading integration, wearable reading will be a breeze. Spritz' word-by-word text display will enable your audience to consume your content faster than ever on their Apple Watch screen. Faster content consumption means more content will be consumed. 

Here’s what people are already saying about Uberflip for Apple Watch:

“The ability to measure our audience's heart rates will revolutionize how we track content engagement. It will help our business better understand what makes our customers tick.”

“All I can say is ‘Finally’.  No more reaching into my pocket for my phone every time I get the urge to check my favorite business blog. Reading off your wrist—this is how content was meant to be consumed.”

"With Uberflip for Apple Watch, branded content makes me feel closer to a company. If I like it, I don't just share their content—I wear it.”

How will wearable content experiences evolve in the coming years? Only time will tell.

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